Does your organization struggle with failed initiatives, delayed implementations, functional siloes, product and services issues, or disengaged employees? Managing your culture, realigning it with your strategy will greatly reduce these problems. High performance companies have aligned cultures.

Strategia Analytics provides you with the tools and methodologies backed by expert guidance to manage and transform your organization’s culture by:

  • Defining your current organizational culture..

  • Ensuring everyone in the organization is aligned with the strategy and engaged in culture building..

  • Reinforcing your desired culture through critical initiatives that drive performance and alignment.


Our mission is to teach you how to use our tools and support you so that you can build the internal knowledge, skills and strength to manage your culture..

Our Approach

Whether you ae introducing a new product, scaling up to expand capabilities, struggling with the fallout from a merger, or just building strategic culture, we help you:

  • Assess your organizational capabilities and culture..

  • Develop an overall roadmap to the future.

  • Develop strategy, timing and phases for implementation of key products and transformational efforts

  • Assess which departments and units to build on and identify barriers.

  • Assess the impact of your initiatives and efforts on a quarterly or bi-annual basis.

We Make a Significant Difference By:

  • Identifying the best and most rapid way to implement critical strategies.

  • Guiding alignment of a new strategy within a business unit.

  • Determining implementation strategies for rapid build-out of your initiatives.

  • Measuring, assessing timing, and identifying specific impact of transformational initiatives, critical hires, and mission critical teams.

Cultural Fit Simulator

Ensure your new hires strengthen your culture. See how easily you can assess new hires impact on your culture. Play our DNA Cultural Fit Simulator. Just click the START button to begin. 

DNA Alignment Simulator

Make your culture a powerful accelerator for strategy implementation. Use our DNA Alignment Simulator to see how you can develop a strategy and a plan to manage and transform your culture. Just click the START button to begin. 



The Organizational Strategic Alignment™ (OSA) helps you turn your organizational culture into a driver for strategy implementation.

Recruiters / Hiring

Whether you are an in-house or outside recruiter or a Human Resources manager, our Candidate Fit Profile™ lets you assess whether candidates will fit the culture of an organization, before even speaking to them. This allows better matches at quality levels and greater turnaround speeds. And reduces onboarding time and surprises.


The Executive Team has a special place in the alignment process because they establish the organization’s strategy. Our tools provide a platform for the executives to understand each other’s ideas and then reach consensus on the strategy they will support.


When you join a new company, you do more than exchange your time for their money. Any job soon becomes a part of who you are. It impacts your life. Your happiness. Even your self-esteem.

Why Strategia

Culture management is difficult. Most organizations do not know how to measure and manage culture. And most organizations have no one in charge of culture management. In addition, over 70% of culture transformations fail. They are difficult, resource consuming, and disruptive.

Creating transformation road maps and strategies are critical. But they alone do not get the job done. You have to embed change into your organization's culture, into every process, system, and person.

We have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to support you in implementing the tactics critical to successful cultural change, whether transformational or not. We help you by:

  • Addressing the root cause, not symptoms.

  • Looking at the whole organizational system, not just one particular aspect.

  • Understanding how it shapes the beliefs and behaviors of the people.

  • Addressing the barriers that stop the desired culture from taking root.

  • Working with your people because they know your organization best.

We create change at the individual, team, and organization levels with a pragmatic approach that goes easy on the theory and lets you focus on the right things.