Who we are

Meet the principals. Plus human behaviorists, researchers,
business strategists, and communications experts.

Dr. Miles Overholt

Founder & CEO

A psychotherapist by training, as well as a researcher and author, Miles Overholt has worked with over sixty companies in key aspects of managing their workforce. Miles’ experience with corporate clients spans leadership and employee assessment, executive collaboration, day to day management practices, individual coaching and corporate culture alignment. In recent years, Miles has focused his efforts in assisting companies manage through transition and transformation.

He is the author of Building Flexible Organizations: A People Centered Approach, a book focused on how employees and organizations fit—or don’t fit—to create high performance and financial results. He has also authored many articles on strategy execution, high performing organizations and teams, and successful approaches to leading change in organizations, teams and within individuals.

Combining his insights on human behavior, his experience with corporate dynamics, study on organizational modalities and a passion for turning data into actionable information, Miles created Strategia Analytics. Like Miles himself, Strategia Analytics harnesses a unique approach to employee and management data capture and analysis, and produces actionable, affordable, objective and effective results.

“These criteria—what employees at all levels know, what they believe, and how they feel about it—in short, your company’s DNA, are some of the clearest predictors of what those KPIs will eventually reveal.”
– Miles Overholt

Laurie Battaglia

Client Relationships

With a deep resume in leadership and development roles at some of the country’s largest financial services corporations, Laurie is keenly interested in working with management teams and employee populations to transform their engagement models. With degrees in Organizational Development and Leadership, as well as a relentlessly encouraging and collaborative nature, Laurie works with our clients to absorb and apply what we discover about their organizations and employees.

As our clients’ day to day contact, Laurie’s efforts to continually expand her own skill set make her a great model for the type of sustainable change Strategia Analytics custom blueprints for each of our clients.

John Rogers

Technology and Engineering

After twenty-two years reengineering the U.S. Navy’s control systems for its ships, including being awarded a U.S. patent for an automatic, self-repairing control system, John now heads the process of bringing Strategia Analytics’ SaaS unique and proprietary platform to the edge of current technology. This ability enables us to be the first company anywhere to provide a SaaS-supported way to understand, measure and assist our clients in managing their business strategy throughout their organization.

Fun fact: John can solve nth-order differential equations. We don’t know what that means either, but we think it is almost as impressive as his outstanding record at never failing us, or our clients.