Who we are

Meet the principals. Plus human behaviorists, researchers,
business strategists, and communications experts.

Dr. Miles Overholt

Founder & CEO

Educated at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School, Miles Overholt blended the disciplines of large systems change, family therapy, research, and consulting to create unique ways to help organizations, teams and individuals change. He has worked with over sixty companies in key aspects of managing and aligning their workforce. Miles’ experience with corporate clients spans leadership and employee assessment, executive collaboration, day to day management practices, individual coaching, and corporate culture alignment. In recent years, Miles has focused his efforts in assisting companies manage through transition and transformation.

He is the author of Building Flexible Organizations: A People Centered Approach, a book focused on how employees and organizations fit—or don’t fit—to create high performance and financial results. He has also authored many articles on strategy execution, high performing organizations and teams, and successful approaches to leading change in organizations, teams and within individuals. He was awarded the Human Resource Planning Society’s 2005 Walker Prize as article of the year, “Building a Strategic HR Function: Continuing the Evolution.”

Combining his insights on human behavior, his experience with corporate dynamics, study on organizational modalities and a passion for turning data into actionable information, Miles created Strategia Analytics Inc. Like Miles himself, Strategia Analytics harnesses a unique approach to employee and management data capture and analysis, and produces actionable, affordable, objective, and effective results.

“These criteria—what employees at all levels know, what they believe, and how they feel about it—in short, your company’s DNA, are some of the clearest predictors of what those KPIs will eventually reveal.”
– Miles Overholt

Dr. Albert Vicere

Contributing Strategist

In addition to working with Strategia Analytics, Al Vicere is Executive Education Professor of Strategic Leadership for the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University. He is an award-winning educator and has served as the Smeal College Associate Dean for Executive Education, Director for the Institute for the Study of Organizational Effectiveness, Faculty Director of the Smeal Executive MBA Program and Faculty Director of the Penn State Health/College of Medicine Leadership Academy.

He also is President of Vicere Associates Inc., a consulting firm that has worked with major organizations in over 40 countries to help them address issues in strategy and leadership development.

Dr. Vicere has published extensively and his books include Leadership by Design, and The Many Facets of Leadership. He was profiled by the journal Business Horizons as a “guru” in executive and leadership development and his articles have been honored with two Emerald Literati Club Awards for Excellence. He is a recipient of the Institute for Management Studies’ Distinguished Faculty Award and his landmark publication, “Leadership in the Networked Economy,” was awarded the Human Resource Planning Society’s 2003 Walker Prize as article of the year. He also was profiled among the 10 top leadership development coaches in Marshall Goldsmith’s book, The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching (John Wiley & Sons). He currently serves on the editorial board of The Journal of Management Development (UK).

Active in numerous professional and academic organizations, Dr. Vicere is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jana Marie Foundation, an organization founded in memory of his daughter and committed to promoting mental health and suicide prevention among young people and their communities.

Leadership & Change Management

Dr. Overholt is joined by others with expertise in Leadership Development and Coaching, Strategy Management, and Organizational Effectiveness. These resources are deployed as determined by the needs of each client project and may differ depending on industry, corporation size or scope of the issues being addressed. They include award winning experts with both academic and corporate experience.

Client Relationship & Project Management

Every Strategia Analytics Inc. client is paired with a senior Client Relationship partner to ensure their project runs smoothly and with as little disruption to the day-to-day operation of their business as possible. Coordinating the deployment of our Employee Diagnostic™ surveys, scheduling Client Debriefs and Updates, and ensuring the client team are fully informed about each step and action initiative update are just some of the responsibilities our Client Relationship and Project Management staff manage on behalf of our clients.

Technology & Engineering

Unique to Strategia Analytics Inc. is a proprietary SaaS platform, maintained to the cutting edge of data management technology. Operating this platform inhouse enables us to be the first company anywhere to provide a SaaS-supported approach to assist our clients in managing many aspects of their business strategy effectiveness measurement across their respective organizations. This investment also allows us to cut data gathered from our clients’ Employee Diagnostic™ in any way that is useful, responsive and accurate, without having to reply on third parties.

Sales, Marketing & Media Relations

Our Sales staff have experience across many industries to ensure our prospective clients’ needs are well understood by our team and proposals can be developed to best meet their needs. As today’s business demands are become ever more fluid and immediate, our Marketing & Media Relations support not only positions what we do at Strategia Analytics Inc. to the marketplace, but also provides valuable input back to our team on the realities of the industries in which we trade to keep us evolving, as well.