Dr. Miles H. Overholt

Founder and CEO

Dr. Miles H. Overholt is the Principal and Owner of Strategia/Analytics. He has over 35 years of consulting and research expertise in strategy execution and organizational design, as well as in guiding change for organizations, teams, and individuals.

He is the team leader and co-developer of the Organizational Strategic Alignment™ model which assesses organizational alignment and identifies an organization’s DNA.

He is the author of Building Flexible Organizations: A People Centered Approach, a book and concept ahead of its time in describing how employees and organizations fit to create high performance. He has also authored numerous articles and white papers on topics such as: strategy execution, high performing organizations and teams, and leading change in organizations, teams, and individuals.

As a consultant, he leads companies, groups, and individuals through self-discovery,
organizational redesign and guided change. As a coach, his ability to integrate professional development with personal growth, personal growth with team development, and team development with strategic change, enables him to develop the individual executive and impact the organization’s strategy execution.

Dr. Overholt’s extensive experience includes:

  • Developing statistically valid and reliable strategy and organizational behavior instruments.

  • Building and leading teams and groups to high performance.

  • Developing people by identifying and building on their strengths, expanding their perspectives, and using their skills to sustain their change.

  • Twenty years of experience in platform speaking.

  • Designing, developing, and leading workshops on strategy execution, leadership, and management skills.

  • Designing and leading successful transformation initiatives.

He has been active in a number of professional organizations. His undergraduate degree is from Lafayette College and he earned his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania.


Alan Severance, MBA

VP of Customer Service

Alan’s executive management experience makes him uniquely suited as our senior analyst, developing practical ways to view the results of our survey instruments; finding patterns and themes in our client’s data that they can use to improve alignment and performance; and teaching our analysts how to use our platform and tools to provide actionable data for clients’ use.

His experience includes leading transformative initiatives to support change, integrating Alignment, Sales & Operations Planning, and Lean processes to ensure a consistent company-wide approach to performance improvement.  Alan continues researching people-centered means to improve leaders’ success rates when undertaking major changes in their organizations.

Alan is the developer of Theory L, the concept that success in major organizational transitions, such as Lean transformations, requires not just cascading ideas and techniques through every level of an organization, but recruiting and training Lean leaders at every level to ensure engagement.

He is the author of The Human Side of Lean Enterprise and The Lean Production Warehouse, and numerous articles on Lean, training, and safety.

A graduate of Hamilton College, Alan earned his MBA in Organization and Management from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.


Kirk Morales

Chief Technology Officer

Kirk is an expert at building market-ready SaaS products and integrating business/marketing strategy with technology. With experience in a variety of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500, private and public sector, Kirk understands the needs of various markets and how to build products and businesses to support them. He exited his first startup in 2016 - Intrakr, an inventory management SaaS product.

As a web analytics consultant, Kirk worked with government agencies and Fortune 500 brands such as Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo to identify key areas of optimization, implement strategy, and measure the performance of digital marketing efforts.

Most recently, Kirk has been involved in the Phoenix startup community, having founded a few companies himself and working with/mentoring other SaaS and mobile app companies. Through a previous startup, Trym, he had the opportunity to participate in the renowned 500 Startups program.

Kirk has also worked for other larger organizations such as American Express and the National Security Agency. He graduated from Arizona State University from the Barrett Honors College and the Fulton School of Engineering with a B.S. degree in Computer Science.