The Organizational Strategic Alignment™ (OSA) helps you turn your organizational culture into a driver for strategy implementation.

Too often, organizational culture is presented as a hostile and immovable barrier to strategy execution. Senior executives lament that their business could achieve greatness, if only their colleagues and employees would all play along.

A company’s culture only stands in the way of a successful strategy if this culture is left unmanaged. If the company leadership actively aligns the business’ DNA to the intended strategy, culture doesn’t get in the way. In fact, it becomes a powerful accelerator for strategy implementation.

This is exactly what our Organizational Strategic Alignment™ assessment can help you achieve. It helps you align your company’s culture and strategy. Our methods build on the latest thinking in sociology, anthropology, psychology, management practice and even biology. This way you can:


If a leadership team isn’t fully aligned on a strategy, their diverging views will amplify throughout the organization. The OSA lets you test your company’s degree of executive alignment and bring together differing opinions through a constructive team dialogue. 


We use 24 scales to visually show you where your company’s strategy, mindsets, behaviors, and processes align or diverge. Based on this, we help you formulate the initiatives to synchronize your culture and your strategy.


All cultures can be changed. But sometimes the time and resources to make this happen just aren’t there. In that case, there is no point in insisting on a strategic directions, no matter how good it looks on PowerPoint. Instead, it’s smarter to modify those parts of the strategy that conflict with the culture and focus on implementation.