When you join a new company, you do more than exchange your time for their money. Any job soon becomes a part of who you are. It impacts your life. Your happiness. Even your self-esteem.

It’s more important than ever to choose wisely. The content of the job needs to match your ambitions and capabilities. The payment package needs to be appealing. Most of all, the organization you are joining needs to be your kind of place. A great match can make you go to work with a smile. A poor one can spell years of professional agony.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to grasp a company’s culture in just a few job interviews. Especially, if you have to spend most of this time trying to impress an employer with your intelligence, wit, and personality.

That is why we have used our 22 years of corporate and culture research to develop My Preferred Organization™ (MPO) assessment. This is a fifteen-minute questionnaire to help you better describe the corporate culture in which you feel most at ease. We can also provide you with several power-questions to compare any prospective employer with this ideal picture.

These questions not only help you to evaluate whether a company suits you. They will also impress the recruiter who’s been listening to 15 other candidates using their Q&A-time to ask about the canteen food.

In short, we can help you to:

  • Take the FREE MPO assessment. In a 15-minute survey you identify the type of company you would like to work for.

  • Provide the power questions so you can choose wisely.

  • Sharpen your interview technique. Job interviews are about answering questions. But to assess the culture of an organization, you also need to ask them. Our online consultants help you decide what matters most to you, and how to raise these topics.

  • Make the smartest choice. Once the interviews have gone well, you may look at one or even more job offers. Taking your own preferences, our online consultants help you choose the type of company that best matches your profile. So, visit us at  and take the assessment. It’s free. It’s fast. And it will probably tell you something new about yourself. Not to mention that it will lead you to those power-questions which make your next job interview much more valuable.

Click below and take our survey.  When complete, you will be able to download your report as well as an explanation of results. By taking the MPO, you have agreed to the Terms of Use and have read and understood the Privacy Policy.