The Executive Organizational Blueprint™ (EOB) is a survey of the senior leadership/executive team of an organization, the people who determine the Strategic Drivers of an organization.  This survey is reported as an aggregate of the mean scores of the executives who take it.  

An overlay of the EOB on the organization’s OSA will show areas where the company is aligned with the strategy as well as those areas where the executive team needs to apply more effort to have everyone understand and support the strategy.

The EOB is often overlaid on to the Executive Preference Profile™ assessment as well to show executives the where they agree and disagree on the state of the organization and what future steps to consider.

The Executive Preference Profile™ (EPP) is a different survey for a leadership team.  This survey shows the responses of all executive by name for each score.  There is also an overall mean score of the executives.  This provides a basis for discussion by the leadership team and understanding of possible changes in strategy or specific change initiatives needed to maintain or enhance the company’s performance.

This report can also be overlaid on the Executive Organizational Blueprint™ assessment for comparison of the team’s preferences with the current status of the organization.