Most change programs only go skin-deep. They try to fix a behavior or create quick buy-in. And tactically these actions may indeed bring short-term benefits.

But to create structural change, more is needed. No workshop or motivational speech on the planet can sustainably make your people more innovative, cross-functional or customer-centric. This can only be done by looking at the organization’s environment as a whole. By understanding how it shapes the beliefs and behaviors of the people. By addressing the barriers that stop the desired culture from taking root.

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The core skill of every successful consultant is to ask the right questions. But the answers to these questions are typically provided by the people in your organization. They know what needs to happen. They just lack the time or the consultancy skillset to turn this knowledge into actionable reports.

This is where we play. We help you look beyond the clutter and identify the levers you need to pull to create significant and lasting change in your business.

We’ve run transformation programs, and this has taught us one thing. When it comes to creating change, consultants can never be as qualified as the people already working in the business. Sure, they can bring models and theory, but they will never capture the finer nuances of your culture and the way your business works.

So we propose something else. We let the smartest people do the work … that’s you.  Instead of sending in an army of juniors with questionnaires, we help you do any culture/strategy work by yourself. We provide you with the knowledge, assessments and software to assess your situation. We get you the scripts to make change happen. And only when you want to discuss your findings or need an extra brain, you call upon one of our coaches. They’re usually available at the click of a mouse.

We don’t want to charge premium for printing your people’s thoughts onto our letterhead. Instead, we want to help you self-consult. That is why we provide the scripts, the software and the questionnaires that allow you to interpret your own situation.

Besides being more cost-efficient, it also provides you with better answers than any external consultant can provide. Answers that fit the context of your business and which your people can own.


We tailor our communication to a business audience, but there is a lot more under the hood. To understand and influence culture, you need to understand how humans work: both psychologically and biologically.

That is why our approach borrows more from science than from management theory. It builds on behavioral design, epigenetic biology, psychology and mathematics. For the fans, we can even throw in some Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our expertise is not in one discipline, it is in creating change at the individual, team and organization level.

All this knowledge is combined in a pragmatic approach that goes easy on the theory and provides you with the comfort that you focus on the right things.