Key decisions for you

How fast? How expensive? How effective?
Our answers: within weeks, for a reasonable fee, and very.

Strategia Analytics is a one-of-a-kind company that uses an unmatched approach to helping companies through transition and change. While we look forward to explaining the research, the in-market application of our approach proven with over 140 companies, and the level of human and behavioral insight that is behind the diagnostic—and actionable—results we provide our clients, we suggest you make a few decisions to see if we’re what you need.

Show you’re Very Serious About Fixing Things

If your Fortune 100 company is significantly off the rails, has limitless resources, an impatient Board to satisfy, and a need to prove to your shareholders that you’re Very Serious About Fixing Things, you may wish to consider partnering with one of the huge consulting companies.

These large organizations with armies of enthusiastic MBAs will produce a shiny binder of analysis and very general recommendations that will require a mail cart to carry into the board room, often six months to a year later. It’s all very impressive. They’ll also occupy your conference rooms for months, interrupt your work flow while your leaders teach them your business, and eventually send you an invoice akin to the GNP of a small country.

It may save your CEO’s career, unless of course, your company has taken a real turn for the worse while you waited months for this distracting and expensive process to complete. If so, we wish you well, but it’s not what we do.

Go for off-the-shelf

Alternatively, you may wish to consider using the skills of a consultant who uses an off-the-shelf approach.

They may be wise in the ways of corporate problems and likely use the off-the-shelf assessment tools licensed from one of many vendors. There certainly are benefits to this approach. It’s a painless process, completed quickly and for a very reasonable price. The standard algorithms used to assess the respondents’ answers are basic and give typical performance review-type feedback. Frankly, we think the limitations are, well, significant. We suspect you already know how to learn this information through your existing internal management approaches.

Unless you simply have a manager who can’t seem to get along with staff or peers, your company’s challenges are likely to be more complex and require more insight on both the problems and the potential solutions fundamental to the core of your business strategy. In our experience, a handful of earnest interviews of key staff combined with the most basic of off the shelf assessment surveys won’t provide anywhere near enough objective data to lead you to changes that will make a long-term difference.

But if you need to deliver some hard management-style feedback to one of your subject matter experts, this option may be just what you need. Again, it’s not what we do.

A bespoke solution for your unique circumstances

Strategia Analytics was developed to help companies make small and large changes that ensure the organization delivers on their business strategy.

You receive an initial snapshot of results within weeks of engaging, real help on creating initiatives that are proven to work elsewhere, and our partnership throughout a full year. We do it with with little or no disruption to your day to day operation, for a tenth of the fees charged by Big Consulting companies, and leveraging far more insightful analysis than any off the shelf canned ‘survey tool’. Best, you’ll see quantifiable progress quickly—before your company gets in serious trouble.

If this sounds like what you need, you haven’t any time to lose and we’re eager to help.